What is a Stricke handbike?

Basically it is a third wheel, driven by cranks or motor. The Bike gets mounted in the front of your own chair, raising the annoying front wheels and turning the chair into a handbike of three wheels in just a few seconds. The main advantage is that our handbikes are attachable to the chair itself, so the user never has to switch the wheelchair or needs any adapaters or mounts. The Stricker Handbikes are adapted seconds and the user is able to ride.


Where is the production?

The Stricker handbike are manufactured in Bühl (Germany). The first Stricker Handbike was developed in 1989 and since then, with the help of thousands of users who already enjoy them, the product has evolved with small and large improvements from a simple bike to almost a work of engineering. Maybe you think we exaggerate, but there is much work and many ideas behind each screw. More than 25 years of experience guarantee our products and thousands of followers around the world support us.

Where can I buy a Stricker Handbike ?

You can contact us and we will tell you the nearest selling point. Additional you can check out our international dealers


Can I test a Handbike before buying it?

Usually yes. The best opportunity is visiting us or one of our distributors on a exhibition. Please check the distributors website for more information about exhibitions in your country. We have also a network of field work in Germany where you can test an Stricker handbike in your own wheelchair. For searching partners besides Germany please use the contact of our distributors.


Whats the Price of a Handbike?

Depending on the model and the characteristics the price varies. Please ask the distributor of your country for prices.



The guarantee is 2 years on the handbikes as well as on the Lipo and Neodrives battery.

Not included are abrasion defects or defects caused by incorrect handling. spare parts are for example: tyres, brake pads, bowden cables, bulbs, lead batteries etc.. Spare parts are not included for guarantee cases! On lead batteries we grant 1/2 year warranty.


Do I need a special wheelchair for using a Stricker Handbike?

No, regarding to our adjustable frame and the clamp-system, our Handbikes are compatible to any chair with a fixed footrest. If you have a removable footrest we can provide you with an adapter.


Do I need any extra accessory to mount a handbike Stricker on my Wheelchair?

If your rigid or folding wheelchair has a fixed footrest you do not need any extra accessory. If the wheelchair has a removable footrest, then yes. For this case we have adaptors.


How to lift the front wheels of the wheelchair?

Through ingenious automatic catch: You push the Handbike slightly on the handle on top and the clatches are activated. Now the Wheelchair front wheels are moved away from the bottom. This systems allows also people with limitation in the arms to raise the front wheels without any problems.


What is a Kickstand?

Kickstands are removable aluminum tubes that are connected on the Handbikes corners. After disconnecting your Handbike the Kickstands ensure that your bike stands and is accessible the next time you like to use it.


There are three options of kickstands: without wheels (series), with unidirectional wheels and spinning wheels 360º.


What are steering damper?

They are keeping the direction of the wheel straight when the handle is released. They are very important for a comfortable and safe driving.

What are the Tetra adaptations?

Everyone aims to have an optimal experience while driving Handbike. Therefore, we offer adaptations that allow a safe and comfortable ride. Depending on the Handbike model, we can customize the bike and add adapations.

If you are missing a adaptation you need, contact your nearest point of sale or contact us and we are trying our best to make the Handbike most accessible for you.

Are there handbikes for children?

Yes, the manual model City Kid. Furthermore all City models have the option for Youth equimpent, this contains shorter cranks, tubes and more.

Can I travel with a Handbike on a train, bus or plane?

In the case of the plane: Let your Airline know that you wheelchair has 2 parts (the wheelchair and the Handbike). You will get 2 identification labels. During the boarding process in front of the planes door the staff will handle to stow your Handbike and Wheelchair in the plane and help you move to the skychair.

Keep in mind that: Batteries are only allowed with a capacity of 8,3 Ah (300 W/h). Check the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for further information.


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