How many autonomy can you get with the electric handbikes?

Depending on the amount of connected batteries and the amperage, autonomy goes from 25 to 70 km.

How many models of electric handbikes are there?

We offer you Lipo Lomo Series and Electrodrive Series. Actually, the most famous model is Lipo Lomo by its greater autonomy and its variety of options. And too the Lipo Lomo Micro, the smaller variant of the Lipo Lomo (with wheel 12"), presented at the end of 2014.

We also offer you model Electrodrive by its engine brake and the possibility of installing one of the adaptations Tetra system Wig Wag, which is the most sensitive adaptation of the market for people with quadriplegia. You can check out this video:

What is the weight of a electric handbike ?

Lipo Lomo 16" weight is:

  • With battery: 15.65 k.
  • Without batteries for transport: 13,75 kg.
  • Without batteries or easels: 13.30 kg.
  • Battery: 1.9 kg.

Lipo Lomo Micro (with wheel 12"), 14.95 kg with batteries.

How much time does it take to charge a battery

  • Battery 11,6 h with 1.35A charger need 8,6 hours  
  • Battery 11,6 h with 2.35A charger needs 4,9 hours
  • Battery 8,3 h with 1.35A charger needs 6,1 hours
  • Battery 8,3 h with 2.35A charger need 3,5 hours


Can I choose different wheel sizes?

With Lipo Lomo you can choose between 12", 16" or 20" wheel. 

About Electrodrive, you have 16" and 20" wheel.