Stricker-Newsletter August 2020

Our August newsletter contains interesting infos on conformity with Küschall wheelchairs, JobRad, Klickfix systems and quadriplegic equipment.


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The new hydroformed wheelchairs from Küschall are compliant with the Stricker Handbikes.

Multifunctional, safe & individual - that's Stricker

Individual and safe allrounders - that is what our products are all about. Barriers were yesterday, because Stricker Handbikes give people the freedom to shape their lives freely, actively and completely as they desire. Did you know that our handbikes can be docked onto the majority of all folding and rigid-frame wheelchairs? This is a great advantage, because the unique docking mechanism makes special tools for mounting or additional adapters unnecessary. With our exclusive clamping system, the wheelchair user can dock a handbike to the wheelchair independently in a few seconds. Another special feature of Stricker Handbikes is that they can even be attached to wheelchairs with removable footrests using adapters.

We are pleased to inform you that our handbikes are also compatible with the angular wheelchair front frames of the new Küschall K-Series, Champion and Compact. Visually, these wheelchairs are a hit and have already won the German Design Award 2020. Küschall uses the magic formula of hydroforming, familiar from the bicycle and automotive industries, for the new frame construction. The aluminium tube is formed under high pressure using less material. The result is a particularly stable and light frame that ensures smooth running and enables extremely precise power transmission. The driving characteristics are comparable to a rigid frame wheelchair. The hydroform frame is also compatible with our stem adapter for removable footrests.

In combination with a Stricker Handbike, unbeatable riding precision is ultimately achieved. Hence, all active wheelchair users and travel fans can now look forward to an excellent design with maximum riding joy.

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Your Stricker-Handbikes Team

Klickfix Adapter with system now available for Pico
Klickfix holder on Lipo Lomo Pico.
Klickfix holder with basket on Lipo Lomo Pico.
A partner product that we are always excited about is the Klickfix system. With this system, practical accessories can be attached to the handbike in various ways. The best thing about it: with just one click, bags, baskets, boxes or small parts such as smartphone holders are installed and removed again with just one push of a button. In this way important things are always at hand. With quality "Made in Germany", this mounting system is uniquely versatile and makes everyday shopping, commuting and travelling much easier - for even more self-determination.
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Lipo Lomo grips for quadriplegics
Special quadriplegic grips on the steering unit of the Lipo Lomos.
In the development and production of our handbikes, we focus on meeting individual requirements and making everyday life easier. Therefore we continuously strive for product improvements. Thanks to the input of our American partner John Squires from Bike-On, we were able to further develop the Tetra version of our Lipo Lomo range. We have redesigned the handle of the Tetra equipment in such a way that quadriplegics can easily and quickly insert their hands into the handle from the outside.
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Stronger hold with special quadriplegic grips
To support the biomechanics of quadriplegics with limited or no triceps function, we equip the crank unit of the Lipo Smart Tetras with special quadriplegic handles as standard. These help to keep the wrist in position and make riding on level ground and particularly on inclines more gentle on the joints and strength. The standard sheathing of the special quadriplegic handles is a non-slip imitation leather, whereby the option of real leather is also available among our optional equipment. However, both options ensure a firm grip and, in addition to a high level of riding comfort, allow a safe and secure steering. Handles can be refitted at any time if customers who still own older models with plain soft handles wish to get a sheathing with imitation or real leather.
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A life with no more wheelchair roulette
The happy and proud Josh with his handbike.
"Stricker Handbikes have changed the game for me" - this is how a terrific customer feedback from the USA begins. Our partner John Squires from Bike-On shared Josh's inspiring story with us. Josh says he can’t put a price tag on the confidence & freedom that the handbike gives him. We are thrilled that our products have so a powerful impact in people's lives.
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