Accessoires for wheelchair axles

Accessoires for wheelchair axles

Accessoires for wheelchair axles

Wheelbase extension

This universal extension can be installed on many types of wheelchairs. The wheelbase extension is easy to attach and remove through a mount on the wheelchair.

Since a weight shift of the complete pair towards the front wheel is initiated, inclines of up to 18 degrees are no longer a problem. If the wheels of the wheelchair fall by 6 degrees, it is much more difficult for the pair to tip, which increases your safety (see article listing number 351 in price list).

Track extension - Kippex

Kippex makes tipping of the handbike-wheelchair setup much more difficult because the track is widened.

  • For adults up to 80 kg - track 6 cm wider on each side (see article listing number 371 and 372 in price list)
  • For children up to 50 kg - track 12 cm wider on each side (see article listing number 381 and 382 in price list)


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