How many models of manual handbike are there?

We have models City, City Tetra, City Max, City Compact, City Kid, City Youth, Ultra and Sport .

Why are the two cranks in parallel?

With the Stricker handbikes you don't propel only youurself with your arms, also use cranks for turning. Then, it's very important that your handles are to the same distance, in parallel. The safety is basic for us. You could not turn easily if a handle had in front and the other behind.

How many kind of cranks are there?

Any user has different measures, so we have to adjust the handbike to user, also it is important the width and the length of the cranks. You can choose between normal Stricker cranks, wide Stricker cranks and cranks short cranks with two positions.

For example, wider Stricker cranks in forged aluminium measuring 18 cm in length, distance between base of cranks 37 cm and distance between base of fits 57,50 cm.

Which is the correct position of the hands, arms and body?

It is very important to feel comfortable. Stricker frame is a tubular system allows you to adjust the position of the cranks and the elevation of the casters in the optimal way. You don't have to stretch your arms when the handles are in the farthest position. And it isn't good move up the cranks very high, is double effort. Also our ergonomic handles keep your wrists in the best position.


Can I choose different wheel sizes?

You can choose between 16", 20" or 24" wheel.

How many speeds have the Stricker handbikes?

You can choose between 5, 8, 11, 16, 24, 33 or 72 speeds.

Do you have any handbike three wheels system?

Yes, we offer you the Lupo handbike. Here is the link with the information.

And the Puma handbike. Here is the link with the information.


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