For more weight on the front wheel. Better traction through weights. We offer front and side weight with KLICKfix ballast system.


The traction of the wheel is often a big problem when riding a handbike. It is very important that the wheel has traction to climb slopes properly and safely. Besides the lack of grip causes the wheel slipping during braking, especially if the ground is wet or bumpy. One option to improve traction and grip is adding weight on the front wheel. We offer front and side weights with KLICKfix ballast system and some of them combined with basket or batteries depending of your handbike.


LGL1 - 2,5 Kg weight 1 plate
LGL2 - 5 Kg weight 2 plates
LGL3 - 7,5 Kg weight 3 plates
KLHa - KLICKfix support for mounting baskets or bags in front of the weight
LG - Weights left and right on the fork incl. KLICKfix mount - for handbikes with 1 battery at the top 
LG2mB - Weights left and right at the fork incl. KLICKfix mount. Extensions like bags and baskets connectable on top of the weights - for handbikes with 2 batteries at the fork


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