Neodrives is an electric engine system from alber. This systems supports the driver in a very comfortable way through special sensors.


Support based on your work: The eletric system from alber supports you in a sportive and comfortable way. A special sensor messures your energy pushed in the cranks and powers the motor optimal.


With the downhill-assistant the pre-adjusted speed is held automaticly when driving downhil. The energy generated through this gets charged into the battery and extends the possible riding distance.

Benefit: More safety and comfort while driving downhill. Braking by engine and generating of energy for extending the riding distance with motor.

Can be set manually - now the engine charges the battery

Benefit: Up to 10% more operating distance compared with systems without recuperation.

Reverse gear
The bike has a reverse gear and a Drive-off-help.



  • Li-Ion Batterie 36 V / 14,5 Ah (522 Wh) 3,35 kg
  • Wheelsize 20" or 24"
  • 25 km/h max. velocity with motor support
  • Charger 3A - 5h charging time
  • 24 gear chain shift 678% (8 gears at the wheel and tripple chain ring on top)
  • Tripple chain ring 44/32/14 - 573%
    1.gear 0,69m
    24.gear 5,39m 
  • Weight with battery: 23,15 kg.
    for transport without battery: 19,8 kg.
  • Stricker Bullhorn cranks
  • V-brake and disc brake
  • Brake handle with locking lever
  • Kickstand
  • Speedometer and capacity dispay on top
  • LED lamp 36V

Special equipment

  • Mountain drive
  • Carrier
  • Tetra equipment with reverse pedal brake
  • Kickstand with wheels


Leaflet for the Handbike NEODRIVES. Download as PDF: pdf-icon



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