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Crossbike - Freedom is Future



The power assist device delivers unparalleled performance in all weather conditions with a gearless, 1500-watt wheel hub motor, space for two powerful lithium-ion batteries and dynamic acceleration with 5 speed levels.


The modern engine control guarantees fast acceleration. With high torque and traction, you can experience a top speed of up to 30km/h. In the German road traffic power assist devices are only permitted at a speed of up to 15km/h.


With the Crossbike you can go anywhere, whether on forest and field paths and even mountain tours, no obstacle seems too big. With a range of 50km per battery, nothing stands in the way of your exciting adventures.


The Crossbike was built from the ground up with boundless independence and safety in mind. Its robust architecture ensures stable traction on any terrain and thus your personal safety and protection.

Drive more kilometers thanks to 2nd battery. The range of 50 km with the 17 A battery can be doubled to 100km

Double your range with 2 Batteries

The Crossbike can also be equipped with our proven Tetra handlebar system. With hydraulic brake and brake cut-off. The Crossbike requires safe handling, please ask for a trial.

The proven Tetra system

To adjust the crossbike to your individual needs, we offer different types of tyres. Thus it serves as an ideal everyday companion in road traffic and impresses with a high level of grip during many off-road spectacles.

Road & Off-Road Tyres

We have placed the high-resolution and high-contrast display directly in your field of vision. It remains easily legible in sunlight and shows you all the data that is important for your journey, such as speed, usage and recuperation, distance travelled, time travelled, etc.

High-Resolution Display

The built-in recuperation brake converts kinetic energy into storable electrical energy. The energy recovered in this way is fed back into the catenary network and can then be used efficiently for the continuing ride.

Smart Recuperation

In addition to the modern engine control, the special standard equipment of the crossbike also contributes to the riding pleasure. A kickstand, front and rear lights, horn, lithium battery, ergonomic handlebars, reverse gear and cruise control are just a few of these features.
Serial Equipment

Modern design, innovative features

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Boundless riding fun

The Crossbike redefines freedom and efficient mobility. Our special equipment options leave nothing to be desired. Luggage racks, baskets, bags and Klickfix holders make shopping particularly practical, while specially developed quadriplegic equipment takes the special requirements of quadriplegics into account. With the Crossbike, we pursue the mission that it is suitable for everyday use on the one hand and that you are safe and comfortable on every metre of your ride on the other.

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Experience unique moments

The Smart Wild is a hybrid of a special kind. It not only combines the advantages of a manual handbike with a power assist device, but also provides those unique moments that make life worth living. With the Smart Wild, you experience incomparable off-road mobility and, thanks to the powerful engine, very good hill climbing. Comfort and safety go hand in hand. Downhill riding is just as little a problem due to the high braking effect as off-road riding on unsolid gravel and field paths. Look forward to adventures that never seem to end. The Smart Wild will certainly bring more life into your days.

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Athletic, vigorous & sturdy

The Smart Wild stands out with its dynamic design and unsurpassed robustness. With this, nothing stands in the way of your physical activities and longer tours.

Sporty Design

The high-resolution and high-contrast display is located directly in your field of vision. It remains easily legible in sunlight and shows you all the data that is important for your journey, such as speed, distance travelled, travel time, etc.

High-Quality Display

With the Smart Wild you can enjoy a range of health benefits with the option of electric assistance. Make cranking the new fitness trend and strengthen your arm muscles. The cranks can be optimally adjusted to your needs.

Cranking for Fitness

Two calipers on the disc brake serve as an elegant and safe solution. They are ideal for touring handbikers, downhill fans and mountain handbikers. The good braking performance means you are always safe on the road.

High Braking Effect

"I have been on a wheelchair for 13 years and I always wished on counting with an accessory that could help me discover the world in an easy manner. This year, on my honeymoon in Europe I met the Pico that changed my life, I had the opportunity to visit 5 cities of 3 countries enjoying every corner of them. Traveling with the handbike was very practical and easy and today it allows me to keep on exploring the world without limits! I wish every person with some disability, could have the opportunity to try a Stricker Handbike."

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