Stricker Handbikes have changed the game for me

"Stricker Handbikes have changed the game for me" - this is how a terrific customer feedback from the USA begins.

Josh's inspiring and life-changing story 

"Stricker-Handbikes have changed the game for me. 

I used a grant to purchase an attachable arm cycle made for quadriplegics that has a push assist motor. It has been perfect for exercising and strengthening my arms considering I was so weak when I first started in the manual wheelchair.

I went through and used John Squires. John owns and uses the same exact machine as I do and he put about 20 miles on it every morning! He is an animal on this thing and it was very inspiring to get me cranking. If you are ever interested in adaptive cycling I definitely recommend reaching out to him. He tells it how it is and is extremely experienced with everything he sells! Plus he’s a super genuine guy so there’s really no excuse here!

Once I had settled and figured out this arm bike, I started looking into their power assist attachments for the manual wheelchair. I recently got it set up, although it needs some fine-tuning for my posture, the power assist has helped me and will continue helping me immensely! 

It just hooks right up to the frame of the wheelchair, lifts the front wheels off the ground and essentially makes my manual wheelchair either a tricycle that I crank like a pedal bike or a powerful and convenient power tricycle! 

You really can’t put a price tag on the confidence & freedom that these machines give me. I no longer have to worry about having someone with me in case I get too tired or get stuck somewhere in my manual chair. I’m no longer playing wheelchair roulette when I need to go somewhere! 

Like I said, these are a game changer! Thank you John for getting me rolling around town again!



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