Stay fit and healthy "manually"

With the manual Stricker Handbikes you stay in top shape. Whether for elderly or young handbike fans, the age doesn't matter, because they are ideal for anybody who is seeking more exercise, wants to immerse himself in the world of sports or is already an avid sports enthusiast. Due to the fact that Stricker Handbikes are so easy to attach to wheelchairs, you can integrate small exercise units as well as longer sports sessions into your everyday life perfectly. We are happy to fulfil your desires and individual requirements with many different models and special equipment in trendy designs. Thus, sports beginners, endurance athletes and quadriplegics will certainly find a suitable model in our manual product range - for more participation and fun in life.

Hilly and slightly mountainous terrain are a sure pleasure with the City Max manual handbike. With a 24-gear dynamic, you remain highly flexible.

The City Tetra is specially designed to meet the needs of people with quadriplegia to enable them to ride and live independently.

Our proven all-round bike is perfect for handbike beginners with practical basic functions and configuration options.

The Stricker Handbike City Compact can be folded easily and compactly and is therefore ideal for travelling, shopping and public transport. 

Participation and overcoming the limits of the possible are the aspirations of youth. With the City Youth these dreams and freedom become reality.

The City Kid is a handbike especially for children and can be customized. In this way our smallest ones can develop their full potential and discover the world.

Increase your physical fitness and get stronger with a lot of fun. Enjoy future activities with ease thanks to the many gears.

Enjoy quality time off the beaten track with our „Sport“ handbikes, train your muscles and enhance your riding experience even further.