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Show the world how colorful you are! Personalize your Stricker product with a RAL color of your choice


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Show the world how colourful you are!

Personalise your Stricker products with a RAL colour of your choice and show others how colourful you are.

You can also choose from our colour range. For example, our Crossbike is available in a high-quality orange with a cable cover in the same colour. The colour variations are available with a surcharge starting at 193,00 €. For more information, please contact your Stricker dealer.

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Dormant night blue is now azure blue

For quality reasons, we have decided to remove the colour Dormant Night Blue from our range. Instead of Dormant Night Blue, we offer you a powerful Azure Blue.


Extended spring promotion

We want to give our customers freedom - especially in the current times. And you get even more freedom with even more range!

With a second battery you can experience even more, so we have decided to extend our spring promotion. We are therefore continuing to offer a special price on an additional battery with 36V 8.3Ah 300 Wh.

The promotion is valid until 28.05.2021 or while stocks last.

Price list is now also available in English

Stricker products are in demand all over the world, one more reason for us to meet the market. That's why we are always working on making our catalogues and other content more international. 

In the course of revising our price list, we have translated it completely into English for the global market. You can request the current price list from your local dealer. 

The price list is available in our media kit for dealers or general distributors. Access is available on request by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New compressor without any compromise

Little space in your luggage? No problem! Our new compressor fits in every pocket. It is easy to use and has practical features on board. 

The compressor has a weight of just 360 g with a size of 5.6 cm x 17.2 cm. The required air pressure can be easily preset so that no tyre can burst even if handled inappropriately. A maximum pressure of 10.3 bar is possible.

In addition to the possibility of inflating the tires, the compressor has a USB interface and can therefore also be used as a power bank for on the go. So that you can start right away, the compressor is supplied with various connections and charging options.

NUTT brake system - the alternative to the hybrid brake system

Instead of the old hybrid brake system, we are now installing the new NUTT brake on request. In addition to reliability and low maintenance, the new braking system ensures more even and more comfortable braking. Since both brake shoes close on the NUTT brake, wear is more even and therefore less.
The NUTT brake dispenses with hydraulic components, instead it only uses the Bowden cable. This makes it easier to maintain and replace a brake, so that this can also be done in hobby workshops. The braking process remains just as safe as before. This braking device is available as an option for the disc brake.

Stricker meets Küschall - Declaration of Conformity

As different as people are, so are their wheelchairs. In order to always ensure a firm hold, we work together with various manufacturers and test our Stricker clamping system on their models. This way we can guarantee that our products are also compatible with their wheelchair types. 

Küschall confirms in the form of a declaration of conformity that our Stricker clamping system is compatible with the new, ultra-light Küschall wheelchairs. This guarantees compatibility with the new Küschall products!
(pic: Arthur Edwards)

Enthusiasm for Wheels and Wheelchairs

A particularly imaginative commitment is shown by the grouping of the Wheels and Wheelchairs club in England, where wheelchair users and skaters get together to play sports and have fun. The wheelchair users are pushed by one or more skaters. At speeds of over 30 km/h, they race together through parks, cities and nature. One or the other marathon is also mastered.

Our product, the Lomo 360, helps not to be limited to certain routes and speeds. In addition, an optional braking device offers maximum control for the accompanying person. Due to the Stricker quality, a ride is possible with almost no limits!
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