Boundless freedom with power assist devices

Our electric handbikes Crossbike and Lipo Lomo range feature the latest technologies and are suitable for everyday commuting in the city as well as for uneven terrain and memorable trips. Thanks to the unique Stricker clamp system, they can be easily and quickly docked to the wheelchair. In no time at all, they transform your wheelchair into a tricycle with an electric power unit for optimum stability, comfort and safety.

All electric assistive devices can be adapted to your needs, size and seating position. A speed of 15 km/h is permitted for the German road traffic, while higher speeds are possible on request. 

Riding fun in a powerful mini format makes the Lipo Lomo Micro remarkable. With an electric engine it is your ideal travel companion.

The electric handbike Lipo Lomo is a real all-round power machine with high engine power, riding comfort and the advantage of a GKV aid number.

A power assist attachment of the extra class. With the new Stricker Crossbike you will experience speed and action on any terrain.

The Lipo Lomo Pico is small, light and solid and has plenty of power. Folded up compactly, it will accompany you on your flights and cruises.