Stricker-Newsletter July 2021

Read more about refurbished bikes from the manufacturer, Stricker brand ambassador and our about our latest products.


July 2021
Refurbished bikes from the manufacturer

Due to the high inventory of used demonstration equipment and exhibition models of towing equipment and handbikes, we offer them for sale on request.
The devices are overhauled by us after the purchase (brakes, Bowden cables, ceiling, paint upgrade, terminal check, electronics check, adjustment of circuit and brakes, replacement of wear parts).

All Lipo electric handbikes and towing devices include a new battery, for Lipo Lomo and Lipo Smart models (according to standard equipment) and warranty. Units with 12V system and Neodrives come with used batteries.

Private customers: You will receive 1 year warranty on the bike and on the 12V or Neodrives batteries, as they are used products (decreasing battery capacity is not a warranty reason). 2 year warranty on Lipo Lomo or Smart batteries.

Business customers: Business customers are excluded from warranty on used bikes, please ask us for conditions. On new batteries 2 years warranty.

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Stricker brand ambassador

Are you excited about our handbikes and power assist devices and would like them to improve the quality of life of many other people as well? Are you planning a special project where you would like to incorporate our products? Then contact us today and let us be part of your creative ideas. We are very excited and look forward to achieving great things together!

More info about the Stricker brand ambassador
The new manuals are now also available in English
The English translations of our new manuals are now available for download. They can be found on our website.
Download English manuals
Foldable chin gear shift for quadriplegics
The folding mechanism is a new development for the chin gear shift and makes the Tetra version even more accessible. We want to offer this accessibility to everyone, so we now use the folding mechanism as standard in all new Tetra versions.

Of course, older models can also be easily retrofitted at the factory or at the dealer. The part number is 983540-0, the net retail price is € 48.60.
New adapters for Sorg Mio, Tekan und Netti
A wheelchair can be as individual as its user. And because we want to be fair to all users, we also adapt to their wheelchairs. That is why our new adapters for the Sorg Mio, Tekan and Netti wheelchairs will soon be available.
Spare parts catalog available on request
Our spare parts catalog is available to dealers and partners on request. It is not available to private individuals. Requests for access can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Glossy orange already from 100,00 €
We offer the Orange already from a surcharge of only 100,00 € net for almost every bike. Excluded is the Lipo Lomo Pico.
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Cancelled: REHACARE 2021
It is with a heavy heart that we have decided against exhibiting at REHACARE 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic.

We regret this very much. Nevertheless, we hope for next year and are already looking forward to the exchange with partners, distributors as well as customers and interested parties.

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