The cheap travelbike: foldable and handy! The tooth belt enables handling without oil. Foldable unit made in aluminium.


The City Compact: Its small size allows moving not only on the street, also in crowded places like shoping mall. Ideal for flat cities - the tooth belt and the folding functionality makes it handy and perfect for traveling.

The tooth belt also enables handling without oil.


  • 16" wheel

  • Stricker cranks (choose between 3 cranks)

  • Ergohandle

  • Front and rear light

  • 5 internal gears. 256%

  • Tooth belt

  • Coaster-brake and V-brake with locking device

  • Foldable unit made in aluminium

  • Toothdisc 69 teeth top, 40 teeth bottom

    1 gear: 1,32 m

    5 gear: 3,37 m

  • Colours: red, blue, silver or black


  • Bull horn cranks or Two position cranks available without extra cost

  • 7 or 8 gear hub

  • Reverse gear only with 7 or 8 gears hub

  • Grip shifter with brake lever only with 7 or 8 gears hub

  • Kickstand

  • Mountain Drive: doubles the existing gears by 2,5 time. Thus, there are enough low gears to climb up even the steepest mountain without strain. Highly recommended for tooth belt version

  • Any colour aviable


Leaflet for the Handbike CITY COMPACT. Download as PDF: pdf-icon



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