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Lipo Lomo Pico

Lipo Lomo Pico

The Lomo Pico is a small companion with great impact. It doesn't lack power, as its comparatively small front wheel of 8 inches allows to grip even uneven and loose surfaces, such as gravel. It is easy to handle and turning is easily done on the spot. Due to the short forebody, you can, for example, reach the control element in an elevator from your wheelchair without having to position yourself lengthwise. You can also count on the Lomo Pico if you need to act quickly, as it can be detached from the adapter in a matter of seconds, just as the adapter is detached from the wheelchair. That's why it proves to be a real hero when visiting restaurants, in public transport and especially when travelling. It is compactly foldable and the battery can be easily stowed in your hand luggage when travelling by plane or cruise ship.

In Germany, handbikes with speeds of up to 15 km/h are permitted on the roads. However, for speeds above 6 km/h a TÜV test is required. If you wish, we will be happy to take care of the operating permit and approval according to StVO.




Disc brake, kick stand, mudguard


Adapter for wheelchairs


Foldable for traveling

Optional equipment

  • Cruise control
  • Thumb throttle
  • Quadriplegic equipment
  • Various batteries and quick chargers
  • Different weights
  • Diverse tyres
  • USB socket
  • Klickfix holder
  • Carrier, basket and bags
  • Rearview mirror
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • Carbon coating
  • Turn indicator system
  • Any available RAL colour


 Type of drive Wheel hub motor
 Wheel size 8 or 12 inch
 Engine 350W, speed 6-25 km/h
 Battery 1x Lithium-Ion battery 36V 8,3Ah, 300Wh
 Battery air transport Ideal for traveling on airplanes
 Recuperation Downhill driving assistant
 Battery weight 1.9 kg
 Battery charging time Approx. 6.5h
 Battery charger 36V, 1.35A
 Range Up to 25 km range on level ground
 Brake Disk brake (8 inch)
2 brake calipers on the disc brake (12 inch)
 Transport weight 9.5 kg (without adapter and battery)
 Total weight 14.5 kg
 Max. loading weight Standard load up to 120kg towing capacity and 10kg extra load.
More than 120kg on request.
 Basic equipment Angle adjustable handlebars
Position clamps
Reverse gear
Catch in the middle with short frame
LED light 36V 
Rear light
2 brake calipers on the disc brake (12 inch only)
8" wheel with tyre (200x50x110) or 12" wheel with tyre (62-203)
 Display Tachometer with speed display, distance traveled, driving time, max. speed, total kilometres and average speed
 Colour Black

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PICO - Pequeña, ligera y con la estabilidad Stricker.

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