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Lomo GX

The powerfull allrounder! The new Lomo GX is the innovative evolution of the popular Lipo Lomo range, setting new standards in mobility. This advanced power assist device offers two variants: a 14-inch variant with a powerful 1000 watt gearless motor for excellent all-round capabilities and a 16-inch variant with a 500 watt geared motor, ideal for extremely mountainous terrain.

The cockpit of the Lomo GX impresses with its minimalist, modern design and a multitude of innovative functions such as cruise control with hill descent assistant, automatic engine braking and traction assist. A special highlight is the revolutionary bidirectional throttle, which enables forward and reverse travel as well as stepless engine braking with simultaneous energy recovery.

The intelligent engine braking functions (cruise control, automatic brake, bidirectional throttle) not only recover energy but also significantly increase driving safety and comfort. In addition, brake wear is greatly reduced, which means that brake pads need to be replaced less frequently.

The proven Stricker frame system, which has been continuously improved over many years, forms the basis for the Lomo GX. The overall aesthetic is completed by free colored highlight kits applied to the brake cables and frame, which are also reflective.

The Lomo GX is equipped with a 13AH 624WH 48V battery as standard, which enables a range of up to 50 km. For users who require an even greater range, it is possible to replace this battery with an 840WH battery. For extreme ranges of up to 120 km, dual batteries can also be carried in parallel on the frame.

Other product features include an intuitive, multilingual color display and high traction thanks to wide tires with a durable tread pattern. Guided mudguards that effectively repel dirt and water. Powerful, quiet and mountain-capable motors with temperature monitoring.

Special feature

From wheelchair to tricycle

With the adaptive bike, the two castors of the wheelchair are raised, which significantly improves the off-road mobility. Whether cobblestones, gravel and dirt paths, uneven or muddy trails, these nightmare-inducing conditions no longer become an obstacle!

Choose your highlight kit

Personalize your power assist device with style! Choose your desired color for free from the available highlight kits, which feature colored Bowden cable covers and certified reflective stickers on the cable channel. For an extra personal touch, the frame is also available in any desired color for an additional charge.

Bidirectional throttle

The bidirectional throttle enables intuitive acceleration, stepless engine braking and reversing with just one control. This function improves riding comfort and increases safety by minimizing brake wear and reducing the need to change brake pads. The throttle is fitted on the right as standard, but can also be fitted on the left. Alternatively, a twist throttle or thumb throttle can also be installed. The motor brake functions are not suitable for emergency braking, please always use the mechanical brakes for this!

Cruise control with hill descent assistant

The new, innovative cruise control with hill descent assistant intelligently maintains its speed - both uphill and downhill - and even recovers energy when the engine brakes. Ideal for maintaining speed next to a pedestrian.

Traction assist / indoor mode

Traction assist, also known as indoor mode, reduces the power and responsiveness of the throttle, resulting in smoother acceleration. This helps to avoid slipping on smooth or loose surfaces, which is why the function is particularly suitable for indoor use.

Automatic brake

When the automatic brake is activated, the power assist device brakes on its own as soon as the Throttle is released - a helpful aid for people with limited motor skills.

Long range - lots of freedom

Thanks to advanced technology and high-capacity batteries, the GX models offer a long range for plenty of freedom. With the standard battery, you can cover distances of up to 50 km on a single charge. We have even larger batteries, aircraft-compatible batteries and dual batteries in our range.

Reduced brake wear

The new intelligent functions, such as the bidirectional throttle and the automatic brake, enable virtually wear-free braking. The mechanical brake is only required for particularly heavy braking, which significantly reduces wear and maintenance.

Product images

Basic equipment

The specifications depend on the model and equipment and may therefore differ. You will receive binding information when ordering or in the offer.

You will find further equipment options under the menu items Tetra equipment (if available), Special equipment and Individualization.

Data sheet

Drive type Wheel hub motor
Engine 1000 watts rated power, 1250 Watts peak power
Speed up to 25 km/h From a speed of more than 6 km/h, an operating license and appropriate insurance is required in Germany to participate in public road traffic.
Battery 48 V, 13 Ah (624 Wh)
Charger 48 V 3 A
Wheel size 14 inch, 16 inch The outer diameter can be significantly influenced by the selected sheath.
Break Motorbreak and Disc brake with two independent brake calipers on one brake disc Stricker handbikes and power assist devices are always equipped with double mechanical brakes such as coaster brake, V-brake and disc brake. If there is only one type of brake, it is double equipped, e.g. with two brake calipers on one disc brake or one disc brake and one V-brake. In addition, at least one of the existing brakes can be locked in order to park the handbike or power assist device. This ensures full safety.
Transport weight From 20 kg 14 inch, From 17 kg 16 inch
Max. user weight Standard load up to 120 kg user load. More than 120 kg is possible on request.



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Wheel hub motor

The wheel hub motor is a form of drive that is built directly into the wheel. Compared to a mid-mounted motor, there are fewer mechanical components that require maintenance and wear.

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Direct run

This motor works exactly as its name suggests: "direct" - it does not contain a gearbox. This gearless design enables innovative motor braking functions that can recuperate energy and recharge the battery. The absence of a gearbox also reduces the amount of maintenance required for the motor. In order to still achieve a high torque, direct rotors are generally heavier, as larger and more permanent magnets are required. Temperature monitoring is particularly important for direct rotor motors, as they can heat up more quickly. When developing our direct rotor motors, we paid particular attention to ensuring that we can deliver a lot of torque even at low speeds while still achieving a high speed.

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Geared motor (16 inch variant)

As the name suggests, this motor has a gearbox. The gearbox inside the motor rotates faster than on the outside, which enables higher efficiency and more torque. However, this technology can cause slight audible gear noise. Nevertheless, we recommend this motor especially for demanding mountain conditions and with a very high user weight. Geared motors are extremely temperature-stable and have little tendency to overheat.

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Maximum speed 25 km/h

The maximum speed is 25 km/h. From a speed of more than 6 km/h, an operating license and appropriate insurance is required in Germany to participate in public road traffic. In Germany, the power assist device may only be ridden on private, inaccessible terrain from a speed of 15 km/h.

Other speed options are available.

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Range up to 50 km

A range of up to 50 km on the flat is possible. The actual range depends on many individual factors such as model, equipment, road and surface, weather and more.

The range can be extended with additional batteries. Depending on the model, additional batteries can be mounted directly on the bike or carried loosely.

Reverse gear

The handbike or power assist device can be manoeuvred more dynamically using reverse gear.

Cruise control

Cruise control allows you to drive quite comfortably, because you have the option of maintaining the current speed at the touch of a button. This makes sense especially when your strength decreases when holding a position permanently, such as when turning the rotary throttle. Therefore, this option is particularly suitable for tetraplegia or multiple sclerosis.

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Bidirectional throttle

Acceleration, braking and reversing are controlled by a single control element.

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Disc brakes

The braking power of the disc brakes is significantly stronger due to the higher surface pressure compared to the V-brake.

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Engine brake

Energy recovery, also called recuperation, is possible via the engine brake. This means that the battery can be charged by braking when driving downhill.


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System voltage 48 volt

The handbike or power assist device is supplied with 48 volt system voltage.

Other speed options are available.

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48 V battery 13 Ah

Lipo 48 volt lithium-ion battery with 624 watt hours, 13 Ah. The battery can be operated between -20°C and +50°C. To avoid damage, the battery should not be charged at temperatures below 0°C. The best charging temperature is room temperature. The optimal charging temperature is in the range of room temperature.

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Regular charger

This charger has a capacity of 3 A.

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Color display

The modern color display provides a tidy display that provides information on speed, speed level, as well as battery status and mileage.

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Front light

A LED lamp at the front provides illumination of the roadway. It is supplied by the system voltage and therefore does not need to be loaded separately. It is switched on via a control on the handlebar or on the control housing.

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Rear light

The rear light is mounted on the back of the wheelchair. The lighting is operated by a button cell and switched on and off by a switch on the rear light.

Frame and coupling

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Stricker clamping system

With our specially developed Stricker clamp system, our handbikes and power assist devices are quick and easy to attach to any wheelchair - and usually without adapters or modifications to the wheelchair. The wheelchair or owner change can thus take place easily and within a very short time.

The diverse adjustment possibilities of the frame in conjunction with the clamp allow attachment to countless frame shapes, profiles and angles.

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Stricker frame

The frame on the Stricker handbikes and power assist devices, which is made of high-grade bicycle steel with chrome-molybdenum alloy, can be adapted to all needs thanks to the wide range of adjustment options. The frame also allows adaptation with the Stricker clamping system to almost all wheelchairs even without adapters, conversions or stems.


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16 inch wheel

The 16-inch wheel is relatively compact, but still offers enough riding comfort.

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14 inch wheel

The 14-inch wheel is compact, but still offers a lot riding comfort.


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Matte black

A convincing matt black is always timeless and suitable for any occasion. The matt black blends in with any colour on the wheelchair.

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Metallic silver

The metallic silver shade has a special, robust shine. The subtle color submits to any environment and thus stands out little.

Further equipment

Stricker handbikes and power assist devices are adaptable to a wide variety of needs through our large range of equipment options and accessories. On this page you will get a small overview of common equipment options of this model range.

Further equipment options and additional accessories matching the model series can be found in the respective offer form.

16 inch wheel size

The Lomo GX is equipped with a 16 inch wheel and the blue color accent. The following optional extras are also available: 5 kg design weights, attachment stand with rolling balls. The 16-inch version has a geared motor.

KLICKfix holder and double battery

This model with orange color accent has a KLICKfix holder with the Vario Rack on the main tube and two batteries. The Vario Rack is easily attached using the KLICKfix adapter and can be removed just as easily. Various items can be attached to it, even a small drinks crate can be transported safely.

Automatic latch with remote release

The automatic latch can be equipped with a remote release so that the automatic latch can be conveniently activated or deactivated again. The Tetra star nut is attached to the clamp.

Small bag on the head tube & KLICKfix holder

The model with a red color accent is equipped with a KLICKfix holder to which the bike crate is attached. There is also a small bag on the head tube that can be easily reached from the wheelchair.

KLICKfix holder on the corner bracket and more

The equipment of this model in the silver color accent includes a KLICKfix holder on the corner bracket with a matching bike basket, a water bottle on the head tube and a folding rear light bar for more safety in traffic. You can also see the battery protection cover, which protects the battery from the weather and scratches, and the Tetra star nut.

Cell phone holder, rear-view mirror and Waldkilo luggage rack

This model with a blue color accent is equipped with a reliable cell phone holder and a rear-view mirror to keep an eye on the traffic behind you. It also has a Waldkilo luggage rack, on which there is sufficient space for luggage, for example.

Common options

TÜV acceptance

In Germany, traction devices with speeds up to 15 km/h are permitted in road traffic. For speeds above 6km/h, however, a TÜV test is required. At your request, we will gladly take care of the operating license and registration for Germany according to StVO.

Double battery in parallel mounting

Due to the parallel mounting, two batteries can be mounted on the handbike or power assist device and used individually. There is currently no electrical switching option. To switch between the batteries, they must be manually connected to the other battery rail.

Adjustable handlebars

Thanks to the adjustable stem, the handlebar angle can be adjusted in a few simple steps and without tools. Dog, child or shopping on your lap? No problem, simply fold the handlebars upwards using the quick adjustment.

Weights on the fork

The weights are mounted Our weights are attached using the convenient and ever-expandable KLICKfix system. This means that the weights can be attached and removed in a few simple steps. The handling of your stem can thus be adjusted to the respective situation entirely without tools. in pairs on the fork parallel to the wheel. One weight is mounted on each side. This way of mounting the weights ensures maximum traction of the wheel. The weights can be mounted on the fork from a wheel size of at least 12 inches.

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Thumb throttle

The thumb gas is actuated by pressure via the thumb on a lever. Depending on the model and equipment, it is installed instead of or in parallel with the rotary throttle.


Choose your highlight kit

Personalize your power assist device with style! Choose your desired color for free from the available highlight kits, which feature colored Bowden cable covers and certified reflective stickers on the cable channel. For an extra personal touch, the frame is also available in any desired color for an additional charge.

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Frame color

On the frame, all the tubes can be colored in any color.


[EN] Unpacking Video Stricker Handbikes: Undo transport settings

[EN] Installation Video Stricker Handbikes: Mount handbikes & power assist devices to a wheelchair


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