Stricker-Newsletter January 2021

For the start of 2021, there's a promotion in the newsletter. We also inform about the Crossbike, Smart Wild, tyre types and new forks. 


Our partner María from Chile with her Pico on the way on a accessible path.

New year, new paths, more freedom

Have you had a good start to the new year? We hope you were able to enjoy the festive season and the last days of the eventful year 2020 with your loved ones. For 2021, we wish you 365 wonderful days in perfect health filled with optimism, joys and everything that makes you happy. 

We look forward to delighting our customers again this year with new developments and products that break down barriers and enable more freedom and empowerment.

Please feel free to stay in touch with us - via our homepage or by email. We are always happy to assist.

Your Stricker Handbikes Team
Special battery Spring promotion

Spring promotion: additional battery 

Until 28 February 2021, we are offering our customers the opportunity to purchase an additional 36V 8.3Ah 300Wh battery at a special price. The advantage of the additional battery is not only the increase of the range, but also enables the transport of handbikes and power assist devices on air travels (as soon as travelling is no longer a concern) and thus ultimately more independence.

All details of the offer are provided on request. Please understand that this offer is only valid for the order of additional batteries and cannot be combined with orders of handbikes and power assist devices.
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Crossbike – faster and more powerful through 2021

One of our latest developments - the Crossbike - is a power assist device in a class of its own. Ideal for all freedom lovers, it fulfils every dream of independence beyond all limits. With different speeds, it guarantees dynamic performance on forest & field paths, trails, mountain tours and takes sporty off-road adventures to the next level. It is equipped with scooter tyres that deliver high mileage. A power assist device as unique as our customers.
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The right tyres matter

For our Crossbike we offer 5 different types ot tyres.

Like with a car, when buying a power assist device, one often asks oneself which tyre is the right one. Good grip on wet surfaces, effective braking and steering behaviour & maximum load-bearing capacity even in extreme situations are the most important factors in the selection process.

If the tyres are comfortable to ride too – great. We offer a choice of five different types of tyres for our Crossbike. Among the three wide tyre types, the following profiles are available:
  • Road tyres 
  • Light off-road tyres
  • Motorcross tyres
Among the two narrower tyre options, we do not offer road tyres, but the following options:
  • Off-road and on-road tyres
  • Motorcross tyres
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Smart Wild more adventures, more life, more action

The Smart Wild at the sports field.
The Smart Wild brings life to everyday life, not least through its dynamic design and unsurpassed robustness. Turn the crank once and off you go through the middle! You are fast and literally have everything under control. The agile acceleration gives an overwhelming feeling of freedom, not least thanks to the built-in cruise control. Whether on roads, gravel or field paths - the Smart Wild makes every riding moment a very special one.
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Practical product modification with new forks

Fork of a Smart Wild handbike.
Right at the beginning of the new year, we are happy to announce our new developments: our Lipo Smart, Smart Wild and Lipo Lomo will have new forks.

The V-brake is no longer needed.
Instead, we are installing two disc brakes so that you are even safer on the road.

The development of the Lipo Smart is already in the transition phase and some models are already being built with the new fork.
The Lipo Lomo will be produced with the new fork from Spring onwards. As the Smart Wild is one of our latest hybrid developments, we have developed it this way from the beginning.

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