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Lomo 360

Lomo 360

With the Lomo 360, the wheelchair becomes an all-terrain tricycle in no time at all. Simply clamp it to the front frame of the wheelchair, flip the lever and start rolling. Experience pure freedom of movement and a revolutionary driving experience!

The Lomo 360 raises the two swivel castors of the wheelchair, which significantly improves off-road mobility. Whether cobblestones, gravel and dirt roads, uneven or muddy paths, these nightmare-inducing conditions no longer become an obstacle with the Lomo 360!

The Lomo 360 is also ideal for wheelchairs with electronically driven rear wheels.

Optionally, the Lomo 360 can be equipped with reliable and effective brakes, which significantly improves wheelchair safety. The optional brakes can also be mounted on one of the wheelchair's handles via a brake cable, thereby enabling operation by an attendant.

Special feature

From wheelchair to tricycle

With the adaptive bike, the two castors of the wheelchair are raised, which significantly improves the off-road mobility. Whether cobblestones, gravel and dirt paths, uneven or muddy trails, these nightmare-inducing conditions no longer become an obstacle!

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Basic equipment

The specifications depend on the model and equipment and may therefore differ. You will receive binding information when ordering or in the offer.

You will find further equipment options under the menu items Tetra equipment (if available), Special equipment and Individualization.

Data sheet

Drive type Without drive
Wheel size 12 inch or 16 inch
Total weight From 5 kg
Max. user weight Standard load up to 120 kg user load. More than 120 kg is possible on request.


Frame and coupling

Illustration can deviate.

Stricker clamping system

With our specially developed Stricker clamp system, our handbikes and power assist devices are quick and easy to attach to any wheelchair - and usually without adapters or modifications to the wheelchair. The wheelchair or owner change can thus take place easily and within a very short time.

The diverse adjustment possibilities of the frame in conjunction with the clamp allow attachment to countless frame shapes, profiles and angles.

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Stricker frame

The frame on the Stricker handbikes and power assist devices, which is made of high-grade bicycle steel with chrome-molybdenum alloy, can be adapted to all needs thanks to the wide range of adjustment options. The frame also allows adaptation with the Stricker clamping system to almost all wheelchairs even without adapters, conversions or stems.


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12 inch wheel

The 12 inch wheel is compact, but can compensate for the disadvantages of the small size by a good torque ratio.

Illustration can deviate.

16 inch wheel

The 16-inch wheel is relatively compact, but still offers enough riding comfort.


Illustration can deviate.

Matte black

A convincing matt black is always timeless and suitable for any occasion. The matt black blends in with any colour on the wheelchair.

Illustration can deviate.

Metallic silver

The metallic silver shade has a special, robust shine. The subtle color submits to any environment and thus stands out little.

Special equipment

Stricker handbikes and power assist devices are adaptable to a wide variety of needs through our large range of equipment options and accessories. On this page you will get a small overview of common equipment options of this model range.

Further equipment options and additional accessories matching the model series can be found in the respective offer form.

Common options

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Foldable handlebar with brake

The Lomo 360 can be equipped with foldable handlebars. A reliable disc brake is part of the standard repertoire on this version.

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Remote brake for accompanying person

A remote brake is attached to the left or right handle of the wheelchair. This allows braking of the leader by an attendant.


Stricker handbikes and traction devices can be customized. In addition to obvious customization options such as the seat width and the resulting frame size, there are also other ways to personalize the companion. On this page you will get an impression about the individualization possibilities of the product.

Available colors and coatings can be found on the colors and coatings page. All RAL special colours are available at an extra charge.


Illustration can deviate.

Frame color

On the frame, all the tubes can be colored in any color.


Illustration can deviate.

Coating on the automatic latch

The cap of the automatic latch can be coated.


Lomo 360 mit Bremse | Lomo 360 with brake


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