Traction weights

Handbikes trigger feelings of happiness, which is why sometimes it is not so easy to stay on the ground and not take off. To ensure that the traction is not lost, additional weights with a strap and a KLICKfix holder, which are attached to the front wheel, are an important component. If the terrain is uneven and doesn't have a good grip or if it is too steep uphill, it is possible that too much weight is placed on the wheelchair wheels and there is a risk of tipping. Exactly such hazards are avoided by additional weights. When accelerating, the tyre doesn't spin and you are safer on the road, because the wheel maintains better contact with the ground even when the braking distance is reduced.

Weight Types

LGL1 - 2.5 kg weight 1 disc  LGL2 - 5.0 kg weight 2 discs
  LGL3 - 7.5 kg weight 3 discs KLHa - KLICKfix holder for mounting 
of a basket in front of the weight 
LG - weights left and right 
on the fork incl. KLICKfix holder 
(when only one battery at the top)
LG2mB - weights left and right 
on the fork incl. KLICKfix holder
(when two batteries on the fork)
News design right & left on the fork 
incl. Klickfix holder 2x 5 kg



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