Baskets & luggage rack

On the way to work, school, in the city or on trips, the question often arises: Where to put the luggage? For your own safety, it is important that luggage is safely stowed away for transport and in such a way that it doesn't cause any disturbance when riding or steering. We offer a range of functional transport options that can be attached to your handbike, so that not only your bags, but most importantly, you reach your destination safely.

We are big fans of the KLICKfix system. This means that the necessary holders, saddlebags, baskets and luggage racks can be attached and removed very fast and easily.

You can choose between the following options:

  • Luggage carrier
  • Luggage carrier "Waldkilo" with or without holder
  • KLICKfix holders for different positions and handbikes
  • KLICKfix basket (2 sizes), bag (2 sizes)
  • KLICKfix VarioRack

Standard KLICKfix Accessoires

KLICKfix VarioRack KLICKfix City
KLICKfix Baggy  KLICKfix Oval Plus


Our weights and batteries are also equipped with KLICKfix holders for greater traction. In our price list you will find all different variations.


You can find our informational materials, quote forms, and manuals on our Help and Media page.

+ Baskets & luggage rack