Wheelchair transporter

Simplify your daily life. The practical trailer for wheelchairs opens up many possibilities for you to live more independently. It doesn't only make it easier to transport groceries and larger items, but is also great for everyday to-dos. A box of water fits easily on the trailer. Even a companion can swing onto the rolling footboard at the back of the wheelchair. This platform serves as a transporter and can easily be attached to any wheelchair. Riding comfort and fun are guaranteed. Being able to pull a load of up to 100 kg it's ideal to use in traffic. Carrying an accompanying person is only permitted on private property in Germany. Please refrain from transporting the accompanying person on the transporter in public areas.

The trailer is available in different versions and can be adapted to your needs depending on individual wheelchair requirements. Please take the details from our price list or contact us.

Wheelchair Installation:

Flex mount:                                                              


Rigid mount: 


More accessories:

TraK   TraS 1
 TraKl 1 TraQ 
TraKl TraS


Specifications and advice

  • max. 6 km/h
  • use only in flat areas
  • max. 100 kg load
  • don't use on wet surfaces (less brake reaction)
  • can only be used in combination with a handbike which has built-in brakes

Product Videos

Stricker Transporter in action - Paris Autonomic

Stricker - Transporter

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