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Going on an trip or bicycle tour together with others is a real pleasure with the Puma complete system. Whether usual roads, field and forest tracks or even beach and sand - all this is no obstacle for the Puma. Special tyres such as balloon wheels and optional electric drives remove a number of barriers. Adaptable legrests that support and protect your feet are the perfect replacement for any pedal. As a result, this hybrid bike can be used without pedalling and offers high agility and tilt resistance at the same time. You have the choice, you can either ride completely manually or thanks to the throttle fully motorized, just like with an e-bike. Comfortable cycling is guaranteed with a wide seat and low seating position.

A 7% VAT rate applies to the Puma models.

Optional equipment 

  • Back pedal equipment with automatic switch
  • Lipomotor with 36V/14Ah (504Wh) Li-Ion battery and separate 8-gear hub
  • Wheel lock incl. switch, remote control and Bowden cable
  • Beach equipment with Roleez 49cm
  • Off-road Jumpin Jack tyre 20 x 2.25 extra wide
  • Addtional batteries
  • Quick charger
  • Any available RAL colour 


 Type of drive Crank drive
 Wheel size Front wheel: 16x 1,75
Rear wheel: 20x 1,75/1,9
 Gear shift 24 gears
 Brake Disk brake 
 Position gear shift and brake lever Ergonomic handles with grip shift on both sides, disc brake on the front wheel and disc brake on the right rear wheel
 Chainring  8-gear hub with tripple chain ring on top
 Cranks Stricker Standard cranks
 Display Tachometer with speed display, distance travelled, driving time, max. speed, total kilometres and average speed
 Basic equipment Ergonomic handles
Adjustable seat and backrest 
Bicycle computer
 Colour metallic silver


Product videos


Stricker - Puma (manuell)

Stricker Handbike Puma - 1

Stricker Handbike Puma - 2

Stricker Handbike Puma - 3

Stricker Handbike Puma - 4

Stricker Handbike Puma - Wald

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